- The tournament will be held on April 29 and May 1 (both days included) in Salou (that is placed in Costa Dorada, Tarragona –Spain-).




- GM Arthur Kogan




- The tournament is open to the players who do not exceed 2199 Elo FIDE rating points in the list of January 1st and successives.


- The organization reserves the right to refuse the tournament’s registration procedure.




- The tournament will be held in 6 rounds.


- The rate of play will be 60 minutes + 30 seconds of increment every move.


-  The tournament will be valid for Elo FIDE.


- The pairings will be determined by informatic system.




- International arbiter Pablo Arranz Martin




- 1st round  29 April     11.00 h


- 2nd  round  29 April      16.30 h


- 3rd round  30 April     10.00 h


- 4th round   30 April     16.30 h


- 5th  round    1 May       10.00 h


- 6th round     1 May     16.00 h





It only will be possible to request 2 and it won’t be possible to request them in the last 2 rounds. In order to request them it should be done sufficiently in advanced to not being paired up.  


A bye it is rated with 0.5 points.






It is strictly FORBIDDEN the usage of any electronic device capable of suggestigng chess moves to the player during the game.


Any breach of this regulation would mean the automatic expulsion from the tournament without any refund.






-  Brazilian Buchholz


- Total Buchholz


- Particular result


- In case the tie would go on it will be held a quickplay of 5 minutes by raffling the colour. If it would end in a draw it will be changed the colour and it will go on with the remaining time in the clock, and so on until reach the ending.